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This is quite the cute maiden I drew. The patterns in her skirt took a great time to make. I think she came out pretty well. During that time, the Rococo was the popular style. All the paintings were done with sweet coloring and happiness. Everyone in Europe was caught by the happy vibe. All the happiness was short lived. France was making its way towards the Revolution. Britain was in the middle of losing its American Colonies. As for Spain, they were stuck with the Spanish Inquisition. Nothing else needs to be said. Spain was one of the few...

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A lot of outfits never made it past the print version. There was the issues of decency and all that nonsense. Considering the time period, she would be considered indecent. By today's standard, her outfit if just about average. There were some regional variants with standards.  France after getting rid of the last Napoleon, there was a new sense of liberalism. The France of the 1880s had plenty of religious and social freedom. Foreigners could dress with their proper attires without been accosted in the streets. This is a far cry from today's tense environment.  There is a state of...

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This is one of my most recent dancer maidens. She took a bit longer to draw because of all the small the small jewelry and details. Some of the patterns in her pants were a bit cookie. I added eyes on them. The costume is one of my favorites. There is always a nice joy trying to draw something complicated with a lot of small moving parts. These days most outfits are complete eyesores, except for those who use traditional outfits. As far as innovation is concerned everything is sadly lacking. It would be nice to see dancers with fancy...

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All artists and mangaka artist have a favorite color. It is sometimes not obvious which is the favorite color. People tend to compromise their likes in order to be liked by others. As for me, I like pink. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I wish there were nicer pink dresses. Transparency is also a bit hard to manage. I handled transparency by just drawing the shapes in black and then painting beneath the dress. Jewelry also requites plenty of work. As a short hand, people tend to just color the jewelry yellow or just use metallic pencils.  This...

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