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I got my vaccinated yesterday. I went with my brother to the local Publix. The vaccine I took is the Moderna one. Mother took the same, and so I assumed that it would work well for us. There was a slight waiting time. I had to sit there for an hour, whining to get my turn. The lady who gave me the vaccine did a good job. I did not felt the needle come into my skin. It certainly goes to shoe that practice makes perfect. Any fellow who practices a lot gets good at just about anything. So far,...

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The order of these paintings might seem a little bit on the nose. Now that I think about it, it is just a happy coincidence as all. As far as the subject matter is concerned, I wanted to do places I have not been to. As of lately, I have been practicing watercolor paintings. I like painting with watercolors. They are pretty easy for me to manage. I don’t have to wait forever for things to dry. As I work with them, I figure out new things. I also did a bit of acrylics on the side. Whenever I wanted...

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I was going to show you my new gardening photos. Instead, I am going to show you my new painting. I finally got around to completing it. It took longer than I had anticipated. The problem was the fancy curtain and bed sheets. Just putting a bit of pattern is enough to delay any project. As of now, we have the first volume published on Amazon. From time to time, we get new directives to have some errors fixed. Publishing mangas takes a little longer than publishing books. We did not have that problem with the Chiblia because it did...

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Recently, we got around to publishing our graphic novel The Furies. As before, we usually have a lot of arguments about the arrangement. It is a bit of a bother, if you think about it. We had to republish it because the color pages made manga more expensive. The stupid computer assumed that the entire book was in color, when it was mainly in Black and White. What a bother indeed. We have been talking about mirror mode and fixing the order of the panels. Whenever I call him on something he gets really annoyed and personal. Some things cannot...

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This is quite the cute front cover that I made. I had originally the lineart version for a different project. I now finally got around to adding color to it. The paper is not a watercolor paper. It was just a Strathmore drawing paper. I was surprised that it did not bleed through the paper. Then again, I was adding watercolors rather lightly. It took me the entire night to complete it. As of now, we have been planning on changing up our production line. My brother is up to here with Photoshop. He thinks he cannot make a fancy...

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