Copic I36C Ciao Markers Set C, 36-Piece

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Brand: Copic Marker

Color: Variety


  • This Copic set comes in a plastic case. The ciao is a good way to build up your Copic collection.
  • The markers can be refilled and the nibs are replaceable.
  • The final look is just as nice as Copic air brushes. 
  • The ink is fussed with alcohol. It is permanent and non toxic. When it dries, it is acid free.

Hazardous Material Type: Unknown

Details: This is the Copic Ciao 36 Set C. This is the preferred marker for mangaka, comic and fashion designers. They blend well together. They have low odor too. Water maker inks tend to oversoak the paper. This will not happen with Copic. Its performance makes it the ideal tool for both professional and hobby artists. 

I got these Copic makers for my birthday. My mother got them for me along with a new doll. You can see her in the photos I took of this product. In the website blog, you will see all the new drawings I have made with the makers. I am still getting used to them. I am a self taught artist after all. You can learn a lot with just practice. Eventually, something clicks. If not, there are always YouTube videos. 

Q and A

Does this set come with a flesh color?

There are two colors that approximate the flesh look. There is the color E and the YR color.

Does this set come with grey colors?

There are greying colors, but they have others in the mix like greyish blue or pink. They get the job done. You can barely tell the difference by just eyeballing the situation. There is also a pure regular dark grey color, that works better as black. 

How longs does the delivery take?

For me, it took like two days. Then again, I live in the States. It might take longer if you live outside the States. 

How many pastel colors are there in this set? 

I tried all the colors and there is at least 20 pastel colors. I got it because I like the whole soft pastel look. It is just easy on the eyes as all.

Are Copics really all that?

I was not too certain myself, if they were worth the price. After making a couple of beta drawings, I can tell you that there is a reason why they cost an arm and a leg. The key is that they apply the color quite evenly. I have done drawings with regular markers, and drawings with Copics. When you put them side by side, you can tell the difference in the final result.  

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