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The Sacred Mask

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Teresita Blanco


The Sacred Mask Author: Blanco, Teresita Binding: Kindle Edition  This book started with a simple idea. Slowly, I thought on it, and

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Author: Blanco, Teresita

Binding: Kindle Edition

 This book started with a simple idea. Slowly, I thought on it, and by the time I sat down to write I already had most of the plot. I am not trying to make a point about anything. As I have said before, I write what I want to read. I do not write what others desire to read.
The book started with a simple plot idea. Love grows through adversity. The entire plot could have been summed up in a simple sentence. This is at least the original premise I was working with. As I continued to write, I came up with other ideas. The second half of the book is about forgiveness and family.
When I was a teenager, I used to see a bunch of Yaoi anime and mangas. One of the first Yaoi mangas I read was Tokyo Babylon by Clamp. Since I can’t draw Yaoi with a straight face, I wrote a book instead. Frankly, writing for me is easier than drawing. As of lately, I have been in a bit of a writing type of mood.
The characters in this book are not going to be humans. They are all halflings of all the fantasy races mixed together. Their little world experience a lot of mixed breeding for convenient plot related reasons. The folks there are a bit of a hodgepodge. When they hit puberty, the strongest blood becomes manifest.
This story doesn’t take place in Saturnastra. There are plenty of Planetary systems out there in the Universe. So, why hang out in the same place forever? The only supernatural aspect of that little world is magic. Magic can be amplified through the powers of Elementals.
The title of the book is based on a dream that I had. I only saw a gist of the story in a dream. I am going to trust my dreams and name the book the Sacred Mask. It might be a stand-alone book, or it might turn into a series. I haven’t decided yet.
The book is going to have some occasional action set pieces. Folks tend to love action a lot. I want to keep it, to a bare minimum. I also wanted to get away from the whole Fate of World Nonsense that is so common in your typical fantasy book.
The stakes are always Kingdoms, or the World. Frankly, the World is an abstract thing. I feel that the story will be a bit more relatable if it focuses on people, and how little impact they have on the grand scheme of things.
I personally do not see why Humans want to impact on the world. The history is written, and rewritten all the time. Regardless of how much a person struggles to change something, it gets undone in a couple of generations. Progress is like Penelope making the Burial Shroud of Laertes.
It gets made in the morning, and it comes undone when darkness comes. The darkness can be many things, like wars or natural disasters. Humans are under the illusion that they can control the forces of nature. I will believe this to be true when they finally create Earthquakes and Volcano eruptions on command.

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 457

Release Date: 06-10-2021

Languages: English

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