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Colored pencils by Marco - Renoir Series | Premium color pencils, Soft core, Vibrant colors, 48

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Brand: Renoir

Color: 48 Colors


  • Renoir is the premier collection for artists, made with fragrant cedar wood, features 3.7mm super breakage-resistant lead (Raffine's lead is 3.3mm)
  • Special formula for Renoir collection with superior quality pigments for brilliant, vivid colors; Requires little effort as colors can be laid down and blended smoothly.
  • 100% eco-friendly, non-rainforest wood. Comply with all statutory safety requirements EU New Toy standard; EN71
  • Each pencil is marked with the color number and painted to match the lead color, so you can easily find the color you want to use. All color names are listed in product description.
  • All pencils are pre-sharpened and can be sharpened easily. Top quality art and stationery tools for professional artists, advanced amateur and art teachers

Publisher: Axus Stationery


Marco Renoir Supreme Colored Pencil Tin Box Set

• Renoir is the premier collection of the Marco colored pencil family. It has the most advanced lead formulation. Your perfect tool for helping your realize your inspired ideas through drawing, adult-coloring or just doodling.

48-color set includes -

01-White; 75-Light Flesh; 25-Lemon Yellow; 18-Tangerine; 31-Red; 259-Red Violet
70-Flesh-colour; 71-Pink; 38-Carmine; 19-Chrome Yellow; 62-Turquoise; 91-Blue Violet
09-Old Rose; 36-Magenta; 39-Geranium Red; 11-Geranium Red; 33-Coral Red; 23-Orange
77-Hydrangea Blue; 50-Ultramarine; 57-Violet; 56-Purple Violet; 88-Ash Grey; 72-Greenish Grey
55-Cobalt Blue; 51-Light Blue; 60-Light Green; 61-Emerald; 45-Brown; 10-Black
58-Prussian Blue; 273-Light Grey; 44-Brown Ochre; 46-Vermilion; 27-Burnt Ochre; 63-Olive Green
16-Salmon; 22-Saffron; 21-Lemon Yellow; 66-Peppermint; 68-Light Turquoise; 14-Smyrna Blue
81-M.brown Grey; 74-Dark Grey; 40-Umber; 43-Dark Brown; 79-Burnt Sienna; 42-Sienna

72-color set (24 extra colors + 48-colors)-

02-Desert Yellow; 32-Light Vermilion; 30-Light Carmine; 04-Purple; 54-Cerulean Blue; 52-Turquoise Blue
35-Rose; 37-Lilac; 95-Blue Green; 67-Green Blue; 97-Brilliant Green; 00-Light Cold Grey
69-Foliage Green; 65-Moss Green; 26-Light Ochre; 99-Bronze Green; 80-Gold; 85-Silver
93-Cold Grey; 84-Steel Grey; 92-Burnt Carmine; 83-Dark Brown Grey; 98-Dark Cold Grey; 90-Payne's Grey

Products From Marco, one of the biggest coloring and art tool manufacturers.

• Safety System: All comply with European Stan. EN71-3/9;
• Eco-friendly. Contribute to a sustainable environment by using pencils that contain only non-rainforest wood.
• Well-equipped Marco paint and lead laboratory developing new coloring tools for world's largest and art color brand.

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EAN: 0606089237414