Koh-I-Noor 5.6mm lead holder mechanical clutch pencil Hardtmuth 5340 includes Gioconda 2B, 4B, 6B &

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  • Koh-I-Noor 5.6mm MAGIC lead holder (model : 5340), every piece is a different design
  • Set come with box of 5.6mm lead (Graphite lead 2B / 4B / 6B and Charcoal lead #1 / #2 / Negro)
  • Faber Castell Dust-free eraser provide you with clean and soft erasing
  • This is a 3 piece set comes with full range of lead type.
  • Perfect balance between weight and comfortable grip. Ideal for artist drawing, woodworking

Publisher: Koh-I-noor

Details: Set consist of : 1 x Lead Holder 5.6mm 1 x Graphite lead - 2B (4865/2B) 1 x Graphite lead - 4B (4865/4B) 1 x Graphite lead - 6B (4865/6B) 1 x Charcoal lead - #1 (8673/1) 1 x Charcoal lead - #1 (8673/2) 1 x Charcoal Negro lead - #2 (4345/1) 1 x good quality Dust free eraser

EAN: 8593539224907