Pebeo Studio Acrylics Auxiliaries 100ml Bindex Dyna, Green

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Brand: Pebeo

Color: Dyna Green


  • Studio Dyna Green Bindex is a non-yellowing binder formulated with green interference pigments allowing color changes depending on angle of light
  • Studio Dyna Bindex is used for the creation of collages, inlays and the dilution of colours
  • Translucent and indelible when dry, Studio Dyna Bindex gives colours a flexible film and satin finish which reacts to light refraction
  • Studio Bindex dries in a few minutes to several hours depending on the thickness of the application
  • Studio Bindex Dyna is available in 3 colours in 100ml tubes

Publisher: Pebeo Fabricant de Couleurs

Details: Studio Acrylics range of auxiliaries widen the realm of creative possibilities when painting with Acrylic paints. Within this range, you are sure to find the perfect auxiliary to render the desired effect whether it be volume, special effects or final aspect of the painted surface. Studio Auxiliaries have been designed to have maximum affinity with the Studio "High Viscosity" and "Fluid" colours, while allowing to avoid water dilution which depletes the colour and smoothness of the paste. Studio Acrylics Dyna Green Bindex is a non-yellowing liquid binder for the preparation of colours. It is used for the creation of collages, inlays and colour dilutions. It is formulated with interference pigments that allow applications to change colour depending on the angle of light. Quick drying time: a few minutes to several hours depending on the thickness. Gloss finish. AP certified.

EAN: 3167865242420