Teresita Blanco

Teresita's Complete Works: Anthology

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Author: Teresita Blanco

Number Of Pages: 401

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 17-08-2018

Details: This book contains all the poems I have ever written. Well, at least the ones that sound intelligible. They went to rigorous screening, before I finally decided which ones were solid gold. All in all, I wrote at least 700 poems. Of the lot, I wiggled them down to almost 400 of them. The poems are all in chronologically ordered. The first one was written when I was in eight grade, around 2002. The last one was written last 2013. The first couple of poems are a bit experimental in the format. I was learning as a I wrote. The final 80 poems I have my style already defined. The poems focus on all the negative emotions. I tended to keep all my sad thoughts on the inside. In the end to be rid of them, I putted them down on paper. The things that normally bothered me were not the usual things of teenagers. I had an creative, focused mind. I wrote poems to cope with the boredom that surrounded me. I hope these poems help you deal with your mundane life. Hopefully, they will help you as much as they helped me when I wrote them down. I first started writing poems when I was in Middle School. It was a way to express myself in a writing, in a way that I could do not with my voice. School was always frustrating. As someone, who was not a native English speaker, I was often isolated. Even among my Spanish speaking peers, we had nothing in common. One day, while in eight grade, I was asked to write a Sonnet. I dedicated it to my Dog, Pluto. I really cared for that dog. He came to my life during a tough time in my life. My poor father had just died, and the dog filled the void. When I came to the US, I had to lead the dog behind, and my Grandma told me that he had died. He was waiting for us to return to school, and when we did not, he died of a heart attack. When I heard this I was pretty sad about it, though not visibly. Over the years, I kept my emotions under check. My bitterness and disappointment only manifested through my poems. As the years passed, I kept writing more poems

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