About Sharpie

Sharpie is one of the earlies brands of art supplies I ever dealt with. When I was small, I used to make silly drawings on the corner of my notebook with the Sharpies. The name itself sounds very adorable as well. The company was founded in 1857. This makes them one of the longest running pen companies in the world. Like everyone knows, Sharpie deals with permanent marker pens. Over the years, they have diversified to other types of markers. Now, they have fine points and brush tip markers. This is great for making line arts. Sharpie had a lot of history in the world of sports. They sponsored a couple of the Nascar races and even an entire Sprint Cup Series. They also sponsored some football events. Unlike most brands, they had a colorful history and they are well known. When people say the word Sharpie, everyone thinks of the permanent marker. Now, that is some quality marketing.