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Today, I wanted to write a blog about some of the nice décor I saw in the Barcelo Maya Palace. When one talks about a resort, it is important to talk about the ambience. It depends on what you consider important.   As for me, I like to look at random decorations and blog about them. The first thing I wanted to talk about are these cute figurines. They are ceramics that are drawn over. Most of them feature faces of maidens in different outfits.   It has quite the peculiar cartoonish style that is quite charming. In the gift...

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Today, I wanted to show you my latest watercolor projects. I like to post my portraits in pairs. It gives the folks plenty to look at. The first painting is based on an obscure Frida Kahlo painting. Frida’s self-portraits where all about expressing herself. The originally and symbolism behind her work is the main reason why she became famous.   When I was in Primary School, the art teacher gave us this assignment. She told us to mimic the style of a painter. The first painting she had us mimic was a self-portrait done Frida Kahlo style. She gave us...

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Today, I wanted to show you my newest art projects. I got a little bored of pouring paintings. So, I decided to change it up a bit. I got in the mail some pixiss ink supplies. For the time being, I am in the experimental phases. I am still trying to figure out what I can do with alcohol inks. I learn by doing. With enough practice, I am certain that I am going to be able to make some amassing ink paintings.   In this blog, I am going to tell you everything that I learned from my first...

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(Disability Pride Flag) Today, I got around to posting the flags I made for Disability pride month. I made three different versions of the disability flag. The other two flags are for bipolar and autism. I hope that you find my new artwork amusing and inspiring. (Disability Pride Flag) I first prepared the wooden panels by adding gesso to it. The layer of gesso had to be really thin. This allows for a smooth flow of the pouring paints. The bipolar flag is not the official flag. I just thought that it was an interesting design for it.   (Disability...

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I got around to making a new Hollow Knight parody. In this one, I am making a reference to a famous Arthur Sarnoff painting. It is called Scratched at Dawn. The wife of one of the dogs went to pick up her husband at the bar. He has been playing Pool for far too long. He has work tomorrow. The bulldog’s wife is holding up her umbrella menacingly, while she pulls at his dog ear. The other dogs at the bar are laughing. They find it amusing that such a big bulldog is getting pushed around by a poodle.  ...

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