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About Kawaii Plush

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My brother wanted me to diversify my assets. As such, I decided to get a bunch of cute little plushies. I would have more than one plushie, if they did not cause me to sneeze. Still, for those that can hoard up on them here is a nice selection for you. The ones I chose are of designs I like. They also are supposed to arrive home pretty quickly, which is something to consider. I mainly like owls and foxes. I have liked foxes since I was little. When I was small, I read the Little Prince and I got all obsessed about foxes.

As for owls, just look at their big expressive eyes. On a more serious note, a long time ago, I saw this creepy alien movie. I forget what it was called. The point of it was that a fellow said “That is not an owl” before going completely insane. Ever since then, I have been finding owls to be completely hilarious. The possibility that they could be aliens in disguise is always humoring. I also have a couple of pokemon plushies I find humoring. If you like plushies, I hope you find my selection useful and adorable. The featured photo is of my teddy bear. I took a close up photograph of him.