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About Songbooks

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This is a collection of Songbooks. I thought it might create a bit of synergy with the musical instruments I have in the store. You can’t play music, without a songbook. I have a little bit of everything, and even some songbooks for little kids. I went for the whole, quality over quantity gig.

I have a couple of Songbooks from some bands  I listen to. I also included some Songbooks of the Beatles. The Beatles are always fun to sing to and to perform. You can never go wrong by having some Beatles songs in your repertoire. I did a bit of singing back in my day. It was nothing too seriously. It was just choir.

I was thinking about it when  I decided to make a music section on the website. Aside from the singing aspect, the songbooks work for instruments. They are mainly for the guitar and the piano, but there are also ukulele songbooks, and a couple of violin books. One of them features the violin songs of Lindsey Stirling. All in all, I hope you find this selection of books useful, and entertaining.