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About Painting Mediums

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It has been quite the number of years since I started this website. It just hit me to create a section for painting mediums. Most of the painting mediums are for acrylics. Acrylic is just good for gimmicky stuff. Aside from Acrylic mediums, I have a couple of watercolor and oil painting mediums. These just focus on the oils and fixers to control the ability of the paint.

I have the linseed oils and other oils as well. There is also the ever popular gesso. It comes in different colors now. I hope you find this selection useful in your painting projects. I recently got a book about acrylic painting mediums. I am always experimenting with my silly paints. It sometimes is not enough to make a pretty picture. Sometimes, the painter wants to have fun.

This is were acrylic painting mediums come. So far, I have played with pouring and gel mediums. The pouring medium was a little bit messy for me. I did not get the mixtures right. I need to try some more, to do the pouring medium just right. It was useful as a glue. It got the glitter on just right for my space paintings. I am trying to do space with stars. I will eventually get into painting actual planets and moons and asteroids.

Hopefully, it will come out decent. The gel mediums are also fun as well. They are good for adding texture and for making Jackson Pollock paintings. The photo above features the mediums I normally use in my paints. They are mostly Liquitex, though I am open to trying out other companies. All in all, I hope you find this selection of mediums useful.