About GoPro

This American country was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. This company specializes in making action cameras. They also make mobile apps and video editing programs. Originally, they did a wide range of products, before focusing on sports cameras. The founder got the idea one time when he went on a surfing trip. He wanted to capture himself inside the waves, but he could not find a camera system to make it happen. In the end, he decided to generate his own camera lines. He originally got the money to start the company by selling beads. Since this was not going anywhere, he got 230,000 bucks from his parents to make the company. At first he used film cameras. He later went digital. The reason why I added this camera brand is because I like the idea of professional angles. I use my camera to make my paintings and my drawings. It is a real useful tool for drawing. Regardless of what you desire, I hope you find these GoPro cameras useful.