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About Markers

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Markers are great. There are so many brands and variety of them. It is really just what you prefer and how much money you can spend on it. The best of the best markers, without a shadow of a doubt is Copic. It is for people who are doing professional drawings. If you do not got your skills down, then do not waste your money on Copic. Just 50 markers cost 150 bucks. They cost an arm and a leg. They are the ones used by mangaka artists in Japan. For everything else, we have everything else. Winsor and Newton has some decent promarkers. Each set is thematic. The ones I feature here is for drawing skin. It saves me the trouble of mixing and matching, and blending. Skin color is such a pain to manage. There is way too many hues, so at most, all you need is a certain approximation. Other good markers are Staedtler. Sakura also has some decent markers. There is also good old, fashioned Sharpie. Sharpie is pretty popular in the US. There is actually more types of Sharpies out there, than the one you find in the physical world. I collected all things sharpie for my catalogue. So, whatever is your favorite type of pen, we have it here for you. Happing hunting my friend. So far, I have not found a pen to marry to. I am still in the sampling stage. I think I might try Copic for Xmas, maybe. I just feel silly paying so much money for 54 markers. Whatever you like.