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About Painting Watercolor

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Watercolor is one of the oldest mediums of painting. It is suspected of being one of the oldest mediums of paint. Examples of watercolor paintings can be found in the European paleolithic paintings. It started to be used more often during the Renaissance period. It was once praised and adored for the lightning speed of which it dried. As of late, this doesn’t matter much since Acrylic dries relatively quick. Still, watercolor dries almost as soon as it is applied. I have recently been making watercolor paintings. I have seen the appeal of it, and it works well with my pens. Watercolor painting has pigments suspended in a water based solution. In the old days, it was used as a part of the process of developing oil painting. The ideal medium for watercolor is paper. Still, it is possible to paint on canvas and on vellum as well. Most watercolor sets include Chinese white. This is used to make the watercolors look opaque. Watercolor paints come in two forms, in blocks and in tubes. The best sets in the blocky department are sold by Winsor and Newton. If you are working on a budget, you can buy watercolors from US Art supplies. Artsy Sister sells both artist grade and student grade watercolor sets. We also sell individual paints, if you are just looking for a specific color.