About Stabilo

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Stabilo considers itself a pen company with cult status. It is one of the few pen companies that is still family run. It has managed to become a leading manufacturer in its field. The products are made in Germany and the Czech Republic. Stabilo can be found in more than 150 countries. Aside from pens Stabilo also runs Schawan Cosmetics. It is the leading private label in this field. It specializes in making cosmetic pencils and other items in this field. Stabilo has been around for more than 160 years. Aside from pens, Stabilo has some fancy Highlighters. They have an interesting fat, wedged shape. I also like the Stabilo pencil sharpeners. One looks like a red swam. It works like a sharpener and is pleasing on the eye. Stabilo also made some left handed and right handed mechanical pencils. It is the first art supply company I have seen that has bothered to make a left handed product. Left handed people need love too.