Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have these art supplies gift wrapped?

In Amazon, you can have your items gift wrapped, if you specify your desire to have it that way. We also have art supplies that are designed as gifts. They come with cooler designed boxes. 

I am the owner of a retail store, do you have bulk buying options?

This online store offers products only for retailers. They brands best for this sort of thing is Winsor and Newton and Liquitex. So, if you need bulk buying this is the place for you to visit. 

If I order a certain product with a certain color, will the product be the same when I get it?

So, basically, you are asking if there is a consistency between the photos in the product and what you get? Anyhow, all the products I have ordered have been pretty much the same. There have been some minor superficial differences, like new front covers on the boxes and the like, but it is the inside that counts. The main products are the same all throughout. If you want Titanium white, you will get Titanium white.

Do you offer samples of your art supplies?

This is not Baskin Robins. So, we do not offer samples. 

What are the store hours of the Artsy Sister?

This is an online store, as such it is open 24 seven. You can shop at anytime, from anywhere.  

Do you need an account to proccess an order on the Artsy Sister?

The accounts are managed by Amazon. To finalize your order, you will need to open up an account. I have one too, and it's fine and safe. 

Is there a type of rewards program for using the Artsy Sister?

As of now, we are not doing the rewards program thing. We just started, so one step at a time. 

Does this Ship to My Country?

We are able to ship to Almost Any Country in the world, but due to dificulties with shipping companies we are unable to ship to these countries
Algeria, Libya, Bahrain, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Bhutan, Myanmar(Burma) ,Bosnia-Herzegovina, Oman, Brunei, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Iran, Sudan, Israel, Syria, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates. Besides these countries who we are soo sorry we cant ship to, any other country is good.

How Do we Order a product

Once you click on a product you're interested in click on "check price" and it will take you to amazon where the product is located, then you can order there and chose shipping.

How Long does it take for an order to arrive

Orders take from 1 to 5 Business days depending on shipping option, Amazon is VERY FAST!

What is the doll's Name

The doll is nicknamed Dollchan but her original name was Elvira. It was named Elvira by her creator.

What are the main types of paints this store sells?

The paints you can find on this site are acrylics, tempera, oil, gouache and watercolor. You can also get here all the mediums related to these paints, including paint Varnish and Gesso.

What level of art supplies does this store sell?

The art supplies you can buy on the store have many ranges. You can find supplies for novices, even for little children. The other supplies you can find here are also artist grade. Depending on your skill, you will find a set made for you. 

Does this store have tablets for making digital arts?

On this store, you can find tablets and computers designed for digital drawings. They come in many different ranges, including Wacom tablets and Macs designed to run heavy programs like photoshop. 

Does this store sell how to books and coloring books?

As of now, this store offers a selective collections of instructional drawing books, in addition to the most relaxing collection of coloring books geared to the grown up artist, who is looking to draw and relax.

What's the artistic level you need to work with these art supplies?

There is no artistic level needed, anyone can pick up a brush and start the road to paint. This applies to any sort of artistic path. 

Who is the Artsy Sister?

The artsy sister is Teresita Blanco, the sister of Fernando Blanco. Together, we have been developing this online store. I asked my brother to code it for me, and I upload all the products, do the blogs and I do the social media and sharing. I also paint, draw and write, so I am pretty well rounded. I took many art courses at University, so I have a pretty good ideal what are awesome art supplies. When picking something, I keep their usefulness to you in mind. 

What is Artsy Sister?

Artsy Sister is an online store that catters to the modern day artist. It has a nice collection of all art supplies, including those needed for making digital art. 

Does artsy sister sell any paintings?

As of now, the Artsy Sister doesn't sell any paintings. However, in the near future, we might get into the art sellign thing. It is an idea we have banging in the back of our heads. When we do start selling them, you will find a new cathegory in the header. 

Why should be buy from the Artsy Sister, instead of other art supply websites?

Artsy Sister has one of the best, comprehensive databases, filled with art supplies. They are all at discount prices, and they arrive at your home really from 1 to 7 business days. The website is also offer you a breezy, add free experience, to make browsing for your art supplies, easy and painless. 

Why shop on Artsy Sister online Store instead of the real world?

Most real world stores do not feature all the products you are looking for. Even when you see a specific item you want online, if you go to the store in the real world, it is probably on another location. On a personal level, real world stores are terrible. All the items are used, and there is always someone with the flu coughing on everything. So, shop on Artsy Sister's online store, instead of on the real world.

Does Artsy Sister promote the works of any painters?

As of now, Artsy Sister promotes her own work. On the side, we do a bit of mini promotion for one of mother's painter friends, it a very informal arragement, based on mutual candiness. We might promote other people's work if got payed enough to care. For actual rates, go see 305bs, my brother's business website. 

Does Artsy Sister have any Giveaways?

As of now, Artsy Sister is not doing give away. We are planning to do so, in the near future, Probably by the start of the new year. We are probably going to do Giveaways 100 percent by the year 2019. 

What are the prices for each of the Giveaways in the Artsy Sister store?

The give aways will always be art sets of different types. Most of the items that people usually buy are art sets. So, we figure you might actually like the chance to win one, for free. 

How do you get a refund from the Artsy Sister?

The artsy sister doesn't manage the refunds. To get one, you must go to the Amazon costumer service, once they answer you, just follow their instructions till you get your refund. 

What is Artsy Sister's Choice?

These are products that I personally own, and have used. When I tell you that they are good, you can believe me, because you can see that those are photos taken by me. The model showcasing these products is going to be Dollchan. She is going to be showing you different aspects of the items I sell to you. 

Does artsy sister offer private drawing lessons?

I do not have an official degree on art, nor do I have a teaching degree. Everything I do or have done is in the self-teaching department. As such, I would not even know how to begin teaching someone how to draw or paint. 

Can the artsy sister see my work and tell me what she thinks?

I can do you one better.  I can show my mother your work, and she will tell you if it is good. She has a good eye for that sort of thing. 

What is the Artsy Sister's preferred painting medium?

I do not have a favorite per say. Rather, I am in the middle of trying different things. As of now, I have only tackled acrylics. There is a good chance, I might stick with acrylics for good. 

What is your favorite art supply brands and why do you stick with them?

As of now, my favorite art supply brand is Sakura and Strathmore. With Sakura, I get the art pens I have been using for almost a decade. With Strathmore, I have the paper that takes these pens beautifully. You can find both on this online store. 

What is Teresita's favorite acrylic brand?

I do not have a favorite in particular. I have only just now started with acrylics. Price wise, I have been working with US Art Supply. I also tried some lovely Varnish, by Liquitex that works dandy as well. As for titanium white, I bought Daler Rowney. These are good brands as far as acrylic is concerned. 

What is Artsy Sister's recommended brand as far as coloring pencils are concerned?

My favorite coloring pencil brand is Derwent. I have been using these pencils for many years, and they still work great. 

I am an art teacher, do you have school art supplies?

Artsy sister does have school art supplies, ranging from temperas to boxes of coloring pencils. Each set is enough to cheaply supply a class of 12 students. 

IF I wanted to put adds on your website, how would we go about it?

Artsy Sister aims at offering the first online store, ad free experience. You are already buying our stuff, I do not wish to hassle you by monetizing your activities. When you are here, I want all your attention to be on the art products you are buying and nothing else. For the moment, I do not want to put adds on my online store. 

Do you do commissions or books illustrations?

If you see my style, and like what you see, I would be happy to make something for your book. Mind you, you have to pay me for my time, the supplies and the actually finished drawing. It can be discussed via Facetime, Skype or in person, if in South Florida. 

What type of packaging do you offer for the art products you sale?

The shipping is handled by Amazon. The packaging varies on the size of the order. Anything larger than a couple of pencils, usually comes in a large cardboard box. 

Is there a way of tracking my order online?

Amazon offers tracking for all its products. You will be notified when it will arrive, and roughly the time. 

What is the usual cost of the shipping?

The shipping varies from product to products. The ones with Amazon Prime do offer free shipping. Those without Prime, the price ranges from free to 10 bucks. 

What type of payment does this online store take?

The orders are processed by Amazon. Amazon as such takes all types of online currencies. The only thing it can't process if payment in cash, because Amazon doesn't have a physical store. 

Is it possible to cancel an order before it arrives?

Orders can be cancelled with Amazon at any time, as long as it has not been delivered. 

How do I search for any specific item in your website?

Let's say you want coloring pencils, just type it in the search. Through the tags, you can look for a specific brand. 

How long has Artsy Sister been on the market?

The website was started on February 2018. 

Is ordering online on this website safe?

The online orders are managed by Amazon. I never had a bad experience with Amazon. Most of the time, my card gets stolen in the real world. So, I think the internet is pretty safe. Also, Artsy Sister is an https website. This means that it is virus free, and super safe. They do not give that extension to just anyone. 

What is to be done, if I recieve a damaged good from this online store?

Amazon handles all returns, just go to their costumer service, and follow the steps that the person gives you to get a complete refund or a replacement for your damaged item. 

Does this website accept installement payments?

I think you have to pay whole for whatever you buy in Amazon.

Are any of the art supplies Eco friendly?

Some of the brands in this website use recycled materials to make the pencils and the paper pads.

Can I pre order art supplies for delivery?

Pre order varries from brand to brand. Most of the items featured on this site are not avialable for Pre Order since they are already out. Pre order is most common in the video game and movie industries.