About Staedtler

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Staedtler was founded in 1835 by a German named J.S. Staedtler. He started making a lot of writing instruments like pencils and professional pens. His company was the first to sell erasers and rulers. As of now, Staedtler is the largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils in Europe. Most of their production is done in Nuremberg. However, some of the products are also made in Japan. The Staedtler family has a rich history in the world of pencil-making. They were making pencils on a small scale since 1662. Business did not kick up till the 19th century. The name of this fledging company was originally Mars and Noris. Over the years, different brands have been acquired by Staedtler. They sell Fimo clay, papers, and paint tubes, in addition to office supplies. As of now, I am making of the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. They work dandy for the line arts of my colored drawings. For a while, I used the sketch liner pens, before switching to Sakura.