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About Anime Decor

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A couple of weeks ago I saw that a person was looking for nendoroid. Since I did not have any, I decided to add a good number of them. This became like a thing, so I expanded to other anime décor goods. All in all, the pickings were slims with regards to some specific items.

This section as a whole has about 75 percent nendoroids. The other 24 percent are anime statues or figurines. I also added a couple of anime posters. I wanted to add some cool posters, but I could not find any good looking ones at the source. They were just what you would expect.

I personally prefer artsy looking anime posters. The main issue is that mangaka artists do not often make posters for selling. If they do, they are found in DA. DA keeps everything in house, so I cannot sell it. So, there you have the reason why I have so few anime posters.

Still, the ones I do have look pretty amassing. As for the anime statues and figurines, I kept them all tasteful. I am not that type of store. You can get your kicks elsewhere if you are looking for that sort of nonsense. All in all, I hope that you like this selection of anime décor products.

They are simply quite adorable. As for the featured image, it is just a poster that I got for my room. It really completes it. Everyone who ever enters always has nice things to say about it. It features the ever popular Alice in Wonderland.

Anything having to do with the maiden is always classy. I also added at the last minute some canvas prints. They are only a couple, but I find that they look pretty amassing. I think this is enough of an explanation. In the future, I think I will add more Nendoroid, maybe. We will see.