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About Children Musical Instruments

This section is for parents who want to get their kids interested in music. It seemed like the best idea to have it separated from the grown up musical instruments. As before, the main instruments to be found here are guitars and pianos. The kids pianos are small. As for the guitars, they are mainly ukuleles. I like ukuleles.

I found a decent amount of cute ukuleles. The Pianos are also pretty cute and the like. I hope you find them entertaining. There are also some sets, if you want to offer your kid a little bit more variety. Variety is the spice of life after all. I also added in this section the recorders. The recorders are pretty common in the school setting.

I had one when I was in primary school. The recorder is commonly thought to be a kid instrument. Like tempera, it has some pretty old origins. There are plenty of baroque paintings featuring musicians with recorders. I think this is about it as far as kids instruments are concerned. So, if you have a kid and want them to make some noise, this is the place to get their instruments.