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About Watercolor Paper

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Watercolor paper is nothing too far out there. It is just any type of paper than can take wet media without warping. I also drew on them with pens, and it worked just as dandy. Some of the papers have a weird texture that absorbs water better. This is useful when painting to keep the paint from spreading and the like. On this photo, I featured both types main brands for watercolor paper. Strathmore is the go to for most things, as far as paper is concerned. US art supply is more affordable. I have been able to make good paintings, with this super cheap watercolor paper. I will tell you how Strathmore holds up later, once I get around to it. I normally like to use one type of thing till the end.

Anyhow, this is just watercolor paper and the like. Originally, watercolor was just the beta version of paintings. First, the painters would make a watercolor version of the piece, and then they would add oil on top of it. Eventually, it became its own stand alone medium of painting. Watercolor became quite popular thanks to the works of Winslow Homer. He painted pretty complicated, original paintings just using watercolors. It made the oil painters actually pay attention to this medium. The paper came later, in modern times. It was just easier to paint on paper, instead of a canvas with watercolors. So, there you have it. Enjoy. I hope you find this selection useful.