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This is like a new anime drawing of mine featuring the bouzouki. It is a type of guitar. There are a lot of string instruments. This one in particular was invented in Greece. It was first depicted in a relief that dates to the 330 BC. The relief was found in Athens. During the Byzantine period, it was known a the pandoura. There are many different sizes to this instrument. The number of strings also varies. The instrument is still being played today. It is still as popular as ever in Greek Laiko music. Laiko is the Greek equivalent of...

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About two months ago, I pre-ordered a doll. It is like taking forever, and so I ordered this doll.  I am not the most patient of ball jointed doll owners. It is for this reason that I usually buy what is in stock. Anyhow, I had recently noticed that Fabric Dolls and Friends had put up this handsome elf. It was the full set and everything, including the body blushing. I buzzed about a bit trying to convince myself to wait for the doll I had pre-ordered.   I tried to convince myself that I did not like the doll...

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I recently did a little short video featuring 4 pouring paintings. Normally, I would have done 4 different videos. Since the paintings where tied by the rainbow theme, I just did the video of the stuff together. I sped up some parts in order to make the video 20 minutes long. This is about 5 minutes per pouring video. Every so often, I like to try to make pouring videos. I just got a few canvases and something to hold up my cellphone. After I did the recording, we then took care of editing the video a bit. I tried...

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I had originally intended to put all the red dress photos on the same blog. In the end, I decide to split the thing in two. It works more or less as far as gallery purposes are concerned. I got a new silly doll yesterday. It all depends if the sales goes through or not. I am like super half asleep. I woke up a bit earlier than usual. I was planning to sleep some more, but the lightning bolts where not making it easy. It has been almost two days and the birds have yet to discover the birdseeds....

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This is like the third half of my photoshoot. Since the dress is like red, I tried a bit of photomanipulation. I do not use photoshop with my photos. I just rely on the natural specs of the camera. My computer cannot handle photoshop. My brother’s computer has photoshop. It seems like a bit of a pain to take his work computer for my nonsense. I made an impulse buy today. It made me like super happy about it. The long and short of it is that I do not have the patience for pre-order bjd nonsense. My folks have...

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