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I had forgotten that I also posted the videos in the Artsy Sister website. I need to put as many references to the videos as much as possible, and vise versa. I am just trying out new things to try to keep things fresh. The first one is an Among us Parody. I then did a nice thanksgiving video. I also mentioned some travel paintings and the like. My best one so far has been the magic doll. All in all, I hope that you find my nice stop motion efforts amusing. It takes a lot of time, and effort,...

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This is one of a couple of nice anime drawing of mine. It is themed after a lovely musical instrument called Sheng. I like it cause it looks like a pipe. The maiden I drew wears a nice Mori type of dress. The red hair was also nice as well, with the cute green eyes. As for the instrument, it is a reed free instrument. It is one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments. It was made around 1100 BC. I like saying BC, cause I am not a big fan of changing something I am familiar with. I also...

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The year 2020 is almost over. It started pretty nicely, and then everything went sour. Sometimes they lift you up, in order to smack you against the floor with great speed. After January, things have been pretty hectic, and sometimes intolerable. With the staying at home nonsense, I got a couple of new books published here and there. I also started doll theater. I have been getting a little better with Doll Theater as time progresses. Some skits are good, and others are ok. It is all a matter of straying creative. I think for next year, I am going...

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The sax is a pretty popular instrument. It doesn’t get illustrated as often, as the guitar, the piano or the violin. Still, it does make an appearance in the artwork from time to time. This instrument is mainly associated with Jazz. Still, it can work in any other types of music. Certain rock bands have used the instrument, and even classical folks make use of the saxophone. The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax. He made if around the 1840s. They come in different pitches and sizes. The most common sax works on the B and E scales. This instrument...

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I was thinking of what to blog about, and then I thought of Scary Cat. There is a new book coming out. Hopefully, I will get it published before New Year. If not, at least I tried as all. I have already mentioned something about it before. I even made a silly video about it. I included the video in this blog. I have been lately trying out the video blog stuff. I am trying not to repeat themes too much. What is important is to keep it Fresh. The next volume of Scary Cat is about the girl starting...

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