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I wanted to show you some cute flower photos. I do not often get the chance to photograph flowers. There are not a lot of flowers in my garden.   I would add more if I could afford them. Then again, it isn’t as if I have a lot of time to look after flowers. I work better with papayas. My papaya trees are finally producing fruit.   I had to put a bib on the fruits to keep the bugs from getting at them. Even in their small form, their sugary sweetness lures a lot of bugs. Even the...

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Christmas is just around the corner. So, I decided to do an Xmas Hollow knight fanart. I chose the movie Home Alone for my parody. This time it is Hornet who is Home Alone. She sees in the window two robbers that are about to break into her house.   Hornet fights with silk and spikes. So, she seems like a good trap expert. For the Wet Bandits, I chose Lace and Sharpe. Both are bosses from Silksong. They had the perfect look for this fanart. Lace’s weapon even resembles a crowbar. Instead of a flashlight, I drew one of...

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  It has been a while since I photographed my ringdoll.   She is such a tiny looking bjd doll. She is just perfect to play the role of an xmas ornament.   We got the xmas tree up and about. This is perfect for a seasonal background element.   I always use the xmas tree during the holidays. I also ordered some new project boards.   I need to get around to painting them.   I am thinking of making a cool art nouveau pattern.   This is going to make the dolls stand out.   I need to...

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  Yesterday, I did the xmas tree.   I made it with the help of my mom and brother.   With the tree done, it was the ideal xmas prop.   It is a good a time as any to start taking xmas photos.   I do not have a Christmas looking outfit for my Barbie dolls.   Even so, I can use the xmas tree for a background element.   It makes everything more xmas like. I had my Barbie doll in a nice red skirt dress.   My Teresa doll is sporting an interesting party outfit.   It...

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I did a new lol surprise photoshoot. I recently did the xmas tree.   It was too good of a tree not to use as a prop.   Getting the dolls to sit in the xmas tree was a bit hard.   It is all a matter of finding the steady branches.   Dressing the dolls was simple enough. I found some Barbie shoes that fit my LOL Surprise dolls.   I should have tried to change up their shoes sooner.   Now, the outfit looks complete with the shoes and the purse.   I did standing, sitting and portrait...

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