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bjd, stop motion -

This is one of my silly stop motion videos. It is about my 2020 experience so far. I wanted to poke fun at how terrible it has been. I hope my silly jokes lighten up your entire experience. I made the video a two part type of deal. I did it because the video was starting to be a little too long. I am not a big fan of long videos. I get like bored like super quickly. This one is technically a bunch of little skits stitched together. I wanted to end the vide on a bit of a...

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bird, drawing -

Today seemed just like any other day. We have been trying out luck a bit in the stock market. So far, we have our entire investment. It is a good thing. Aside from that, I have been making a couple of pouring paintings here and there. I am still waiting on one of those doll retailers to answer back. I need to get myself some less expensive hobbies. It is not as if things are going that well in the world as all. Slowly, I need my stockpile to grow to guard against Fortuna. If you don’t know what that...

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anime, chibi -

This is one of the raw pages of my Scary Cat book. Last night, I was working a bit in pouring paintings. I got a couple of new mediums here and there. I am going to see if they are somewhat useful. I will show you the pictures sometime in the future. This weekend I wanted to take a little bit of a more mellow out approach to things. I am like super tired about nonsense. This brings me back to this silly page. It features my Scary Cat Filipa with her friends in the woods. She brought her little...

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drawing, music -

This is another one of my silly musical instrument anime drawings. I have been working a lot in the new Scary Cat book. I am also working on Doll Theater. The Theater is fun around the edges. It helps kill the time and relieve stress. For the time being, I have been waiting for things to get a little better. I wish everyone in the world could get along for commerce to resume. This brings me back to my new anime drawing. It features a maiden playing the Pan Pipes or Flute. This instrument got featured a lot in a...

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bjd, book, stop motion, video -

On the weekend, I developed a little book review for my own work. Instead of waiting for others to review my stuff, I decided to take a proactive approach. The review is not too long. I don’t want to spoil the entire plot of the book. If I do, then there will be no point to reading it. While making the review, I came up with a little funny joke. I hope you find the funny element in the review amusing. The book I used for the video is the actual print version. I own a copy of all my...

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