About Royal Talens

Royal Talens was founded in 1899 by Marten Talens. It originally produced paints, varnish and ink. At first, it only did office supplies. Later, they started making Rembrandt oils as well. This Swiss company started exporting to the US and Russia around 1905. When typewriters became trendy, the company started making its money by selling carbon paper and typewriter ribbons. During the war, the factory was damaged by a stray bomb. When the WWII ended, they were able to expand. In 1970s, the company added acrylic colors into the mix. In 1974, they started making art supplies on a regular basis. As of now, Royal Talens is located in Apeldoorn. Hopefully, you will find this selection of Royal Talens products useful for your art projects. I mainly added their painting sets. They have for acrylic, watercolor and oil. Their pastels also work rather nicely.