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About Stretched Canvas

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It seemed like a good a time as any to update the collection information. Sometimes you miss a couple of things around the edges. At other times, you have some decent new photos worth showing. For our purposes, this collection is about stretched or wrapped canvases. These are canvases that are mounted on a piece of wood, instead of on a solid slab.

I personally work with either type of canvas. However, stretched canvases tend to be a bit heavier depending on the type of wood. The upside is that they are easier to hang. Just get a silly nail and hammer away. Usually two is enough to hang a canvas. I personally prefer Velcro. I am not a big fan of hammering the walls. This tends to damage it.

Velcro at most just ruins the paintjob. Nails create holes that require filling. Still, there is a limit to how much you can hang with Velcro. Anyhow, for our purposes I wanted to show you the stretched canvases I own. I have already used up all, but one. I hope you find this collection useful for your painting projects.