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About How to Paint

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This is a nice collection of how to paint books. It seemed like the logical option considering that I already have a how to draw collection. This collection also deals with digital art. Most of the books just deal with photoshop. It is the industry standard as far as digital drawing is concerned.

For painting in the real world, I have books that cover tempera, acrylic, oil, air brush, watercolor, ink, gouache, and oil. Most of the books focus on oil and acrylics. Both are pretty common in the artistic world. Still, the bulk of the books focus on acrylics.

Acrylics is the most popular medium of paint of the day. I am partial to acrylics, but I find watercolor and tempera to work better. Some of my old, most interesting work was done with egg tempera. It just works well as all. Regardless, if you prefer acrylics I have you covered.

The books range from student grade, to artist grade. Some even cover the ever elusive art of blending colors. Most novices have a hard time blending colors. I am not a novice as far as painting is concerned. Still, I do not blend colors, if I can help it.

Such books are useful as all. The featured photos showcase the two books I own that cover painting. Within the drawing collection, there are books that cover both drawing and painting. Other books focus on painting specific things like skill lives, landscapes and animals. If you have problems painting people, I have a book to tackle this matter.

I also have a couple for specific styles of painting, including Abstract art. All in all, I hope you find these books useful for your painting projects. They come in a wide range of prices, for both the affluent, and the painter on a shoe string budget. For most of my life, I was the latter. Now, I have two shoe strings, which is an improvement.