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The shortest month of the year has finally arrived. And with it, a lot of cold and wind. Thankfully, it has not gotten too cold in South Florida. The lowest it has been is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A little lower and then it would have snowed. It would have been a fun novelty, but it would have killed my tomato crop, which is showing some actual progress. Speaking of progress, I wanted to show you how it is going. I made a short video about it and everything. I need to organize a little bit better my Youtube collections. I...

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Today I harvested my first red bell pepper. I made a commemorative photo of it. This time I waited for the fruit to ripen. Once it was nice and red, I harvested the bell pepper. I pondered a bit on how to use it. In the end, I used it to flavor the spaghetti. The trick is to put it close to the end of the meal. This allows the spaghetti to get the nice flavor of the bell pepper, and it allows for the pepper to retain its texture. Aside from helping with the flavor, the bell pepper can...

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This is about the second blog about Key West. The first one just focused on the Parrot Keys. This one is more about Key West. On the first day, we spent it trying to get to the hotel. The second day when we went home. Before heading back, we explored a bit Key West. It was quite crowded, but the folks were sporting masks. Key West is pretty clean, and there have not been deaths in months. In that place, it almost felt like life had gone back to normal. I wish things were nice again. I have been pondering...

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I hope things are going well for you, so far. Whatever the new year brings, I hope it is all for the better. Bye, bye, and God Bless!!

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The year is like almost over. It is nice to think that things will go well next year, but I don’t think so. If you can’t rely on the world to bring you happiness, then you must look within. Human is the only known animal that can amuse itself with absolutely nothing. The realm of the mind alone, can provide a fellow with the peace they so desperately seek. In order for one to be truly happy, a person must isolate themselves mentally from the problems of the world. Yes, everything is on fire, and there is nothing you can...

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