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About Nendoroid

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The photo features the first Nendoroid I ever got. Nenderoids are cute anime figurines. You can change the poses and expressions. They make good conversation pieces for your bedroom. Most of the Nendoroids are the handy work of Good Smile. They create Chibi forms of popular characters from anime shows and video games. They were created around 2006.

The word Nendoroid is derived form the word Nendo. This word in Japanese means clay. Needless to say, Nendoroid is a Japanese good. It is the ideal little gift for anime fans. The pertinent question is why there are Nendoroids in an art store. They are here because of the same reason I sell plushies. It seemed like a good idea at a time. Sometimes you just want a cute something to inspire you to make amassing artworks. This is where the cute products come in.

I add them from time to time, depending on my mood. This is not to say I am running out of art supplies to acquire. However, I have a specific brand preference. Regardless, the website still maintains its artistic identity. Still, from time to time, it is fun to emphasis the fact that Artsy Sister is also all about cute stuff. In the spirit of this ideal, I added some Nendoroids. Anyhow, I hope you like this selection.