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About Canvas

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Canvases are some of the oldest painting surfaces in the world. They have been used by painters, in many forms, for many years. They were created to replace wooden panels. Originally, in medieval times wooden panels were painted on. They then became quite popular at the start of the Renaissances. One of the oldest surviving canvas oil paintings was made in 1410. It featured St. George Fighting a dragon. It was made by Paolo Uccello. Some of the earlier canvas paintings were made of linen. Most modern date canvases come primed with gesso. They are all ready to be painted on. There is a lot of painting companies that make different types of Canvases. If you are looking for inexpensive canvas, you can find them in US art supplies. For more expensive Canvas, there is Winsor and Newton. There are others too, as far as Canvases are concerned.

It is just something worth having, and trying out. They come in different shapes too. We have the rolled canvas. You can also buy the wrapped Canvases, and the Canvas panels as well. We also sell Canvases made of different materials. The one featured here is the canvas I got as part of my painting set. I got it from US art supplies. It came with everything needed to paint, including acrylic, watercolor and oil paints. They are good for large sets. I have yet to make use of everything that I got. I am working my way towards oil painting. Still, I am for now looking at the quarks of watercolors. The Canvases, I am saving up for oil painting. Oil paintings tend to take longer to complete, so it is a long future project. Just something I need to get back to eventually. Normally, it takes two months to fully complete an oil painting. Once I start my painting, you will be the first one to find out. For now, I have a blank canvas, with nothing painted on. Soon, I will have something started on it.