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About Slime Kit

I was thinking of what new stuff to add to the store. It was then when I thought of Slime. Yes, slime! It is quite popular with the little kids of today. It works their eye to hand coordination. All the sets here fall under the do it yourself department. It will keep them busy, and they will feel creative, or whatever. Truth be told, I was drawing a bit of a blank. One always has to think of something to stay ahead of the game. I have seem brats going crazy over slimy toys.

I do remember playing with gooey stuff myself, when I was 8 or 9. Back then, the slimes came premade. You could get them in a ball, for a quarter. They seemed like a lot of fun. Slimes were the fidget spinners of the 90s. These days they are still fun, but now people and kids want to make their own. Making your own play things is an indescribable feeling. It makes you feel like you are the smartest person in the room. I felt like that when I managed to make a decent dress for my doll. So, if you want to give that feeling to your kid, then Slime Kits are the craft supplies for your kid.