Scary Cat in the Woods Chibi Anime Drawing

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Scary Cat in the Woods Chibi Anime Drawing

This is one of the raw pages of my Scary Cat book. Last night, I was working a bit in pouring paintings. I got a couple of new mediums here and there.

I am going to see if they are somewhat useful. I will show you the pictures sometime in the future.

This weekend I wanted to take a little bit of a more mellow out approach to things. I am like super tired about nonsense.

This brings me back to this silly page. It features my Scary Cat Filipa with her friends in the woods. She brought her little flashlight to the woods.

I drew a lot of faces on the trees. The drawing was made mainly with  Markers.

The paper is Strathmore Marker paper. The sky has a different type of texture because I drew it with pencil. I wanted to add a little bit of contrast here and there.

Pencil is good for drawing large solid areas of one color. It also makes the marker stand out. It is good for controlling the focus on the page.

Anyhow, if you like this page go buy my Scary Cat book in Amazon. It is in both English and Spanish.

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