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Mother recently got her tax refund. With a small portion of it, we decided to give the front garden a bit of an upgrade. Most of the plants were bug infested or just plain dead. It was time for a change. Anyhow, mom was making most of the decisions of the front garden. I usually mess around the vegetable patch. It is a bit of a chaotic mess, but it produces tomatoes so no one cares. While shopping around a bit, I saw the prettiest rose there ever was. I decided that the garden needed a new rose. One of...

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It has finally happened! The tomato vines finally have a decently visible tomatoes. If things continue well, I might become independent of buying Publix tomatoes. A well-cared for tomato plant always increases in value. I suppose most folks do not find tomatoes all that exiting. It is just my ordinary life as all. As far as things that can actually come to pass, I have plenty of reasonable goals. When I was wee small, I wanted normal type of things. Think of the most mundane goals, and there you have it. Being a writer was not even part of the...

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Today I went to check up on my lovely bell peppers and I was delighted to see that I had two fruits. It is the first time all my toils have yielded fruit, both in the figurative and in the literal sense. In celebration of it, I took two photos of my lovely Bell peppers. For my little crop, the tropical storm was a blessing. The winds helped my bell pepper plants get pollinated. Look at how cute they look. They are simply little darlings. I wish more folks would know the joy of growing tiny little plants. Being a...

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A couple of hours ago, Florida had a little Tropical Storm named Eta. The storm first passed by Cuba, which was a good thing. Cuba has tiny mountains. They were useful enough to weaken the Tropical Storm before it came to South Florida. This Tropical Storm did a number on Mexico. I pray that God helps the Mexicans from the Riviera Maya. I like Mexico, and the Mexicans. They don’t let folks mess with them. That is something worth respecting. In any case, Tropical Storm Eta also brought flooding to Florida. I guessed that it could cause problems in South...

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Today seemed like a good a time as any to show you my family’s Pilgrim Progress with the raised beds. Now, we are up to two. Both are looking might handsome. Brother person is trying to make one per week. The rains have been favorable. We might just be able to get a good harvest. The bell peppers are starting to show flowers. At least, I think they are bell peppers. The store say they were bell peppers. This time we bought the anti-mosquito plant. I gotta say it works pretty well. You sit right next to it, and it...

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