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About Sketch Book

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This collection focuses on sketchbook made by many different paper people. The best sketch books were made by Strathmore. I have been using them for many years, and they are just awesome. For smaller variety, I also like Leda Art Supply. The surface takes coloring pencils and pens rather well. They are just my favorite for mixed media. Still, for more serious stuff, like manga line arts, the best is still Strathmore. If you are an artist working on a budget, I also have some US Art supplies sketchbooks. You can get like 3, for 5 bucks. It is good for people who are in the practicing stage.

Another good brand for sketchbook is PRO ART. I do not know what they are exactly. When googling it, the Keyword of Pro art swallows all the information of this vendor. So, we have pro art sketchbooks. They are pretty common in University. I prefer to say it, as University, because it sounds more European. College just sounds juvenile. The Pro Art sketchbook and their prices vary. Most of them are pretty affordable, and the pages are all naturally white. Most drawing brands have their own sketchbooks. Anyhow, they have all been grouped for your convenience in this section. So, if you are looking for sketchbooks, we have them.