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About UCanaan Eva BJD and More Affordable BJDs

This is a collection of bjd dolls all within the affordable range. Fancy dolls are all well and good, but not everyone can afford them. These dolls do look decent enough, with gorgeous dresses as well. They brands in this list are mainly Korean.

The first one worth mentioning is Ucannan. This brand has a lot of different dolls in stock. They come in different sizes and the like. Every so often there is a new line of dolls. Eva BJD Doll is pretty similar, but this brand mainly deals with 1/3 in size BJD dolls.

The same thing can be said of Fortune days. Both Ucannan and Eva BJD dolls sell doll clothing sets. Some of the sets even include the shoes. Anyhow, the dolls in this collection come with everything. There are also a couple of practice dolls for people who want to mess around with faceups and body blushing.