About Leica

Leica is a pretty cool camera company. I first saw such a camera in my old home. Back in Cuba, there was a Leica camera in my home. A lot of the old family photos were apparently taken with that camera. Many years passed and I did not know the name of the camera. I only recently recognized that the first camera I saw was a Leica. As for the Leica camera brand, it was founded in the year 1907. The company is from Germany. All the cameras were originally made in the Ernst Leitz Street. The factory was eventually moved to the city of Solms. The first Leica prototype was made in 1913. It was a 35 mm film camera made by Oskar Barnack. It was designed to be a type of compact camera meant to take landscape photography. Once the camera was perfected, Barnack had his boss release 31 prototypes for photographers to try. The reception of the finished photos had mixed receptions. Eventually, the Leica camera entered circulation. When the war came, Leica had issues with the policies of the Nazi government. Their current leader Ernst Leitz II helped many of his Jewish employees leave Germany.

He had them go work in Leica sales offices outside of Germany. He eventually formed the Leica Freedom Train. This interesting story about the company was only known after he died, many years after the war ended. Once the war ended, Leica continued its new production line. They brought out Leica II and Leica III. These models bear the initials DBP instead of the old DRP. The company has been making plenty of camera lines since them. They cost about an arm and a leg, and they are quite resistant as well. These cameras are on the high end of the spectrum. They are for those who take professional photos. Leica has some of the strongest cameras on the market. Some of them can produce photos of resolution as high as 5000 by 75000 pixels. They also have quite the variety of ranges too. If you have money to spend on a professional camera, Leica is the ideal choice. On a side note, all the old Leica cameras are apparently collectibles now. So, do keep an eye on them, as you go through the world. We have all varieties for you to work with.