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About Fabric Empire

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Fabric Empire is a relatively new fabric brand. Then again, this might have been true in 1983. It is amassing how much time has passed since them. I am only saying this because I cannot believe it is 2018 already. Time just flies by, doesn’t it. I am just feeling a bit like an old fellow.

Ignore me. This is just about all I can say about Fabric Empire. The about segment needs Adobe Flash, and I am not in the mood to downloaded the stupid program or upgrade. All that should matter is that they are a supplier of fabrics. They contain a couple that were not featured in FWD. They traffic in Denims and Faux Furs. Faux means fake, so you do not need to worry about the animals.  

Aside from specific types of fabrics, Fabric Empire has plenty of print Fabrics. Prints are usually made of cotton. They are rather useful for folks who want to make dresses and the like, but do not want to bother about designing their own pattern. They have both the common, and the weird. They also have sequin fabrics. Hopefully, you will this this collection useful for your sewing projects.