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About Office Supplies

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Despite being an art website, I have a lot of office supplies lying about. The main thing is that sometimes art companies also produce office supplies. In the early days, I was adding complete brands. Now, I am adding thematic items as all. As of now, it seemed like a good a time as any to group them all together in one collection.

I am going to throw them inside of craft. The next big collection is going to be music instruments. This is all a work in progress. There is no such thing as a complete website. There is always room for improvement. As far as office stuff is concerned, I have more than 1300 products. I have whiteout, tapes and mechanical pencils.

I also have desks and chairs to boot. I was thinking of selling items for an art studio. I did not managed to find enough to make it a thematic collection. IT was then when I thought of office supplies. Office people need nice things too. I hope that when you think of Office Stuff, you think of Artsy Sister.

Well, this is enough ramblings for this collection. A lot of office stuff are usable in the art world. I for example tend to draw with a mechanical pencil. When I need to make a precision type of drawing I always rely on such a pencil. Speaking of office, if things do not pick up, I might go to an office to work as all.

Everything is such a bother, don’t you think? This is part of the reason why I am working so hard in this website. I just really do not want to get a day job as all. Still, I do like the idea of making money. I just want money as all. When you were small, you did not wake up in the morning and think:

I wish I could work in a cubicle that is smaller than a jailcell. One must make do with the situation we are placed upon the world. Life isn’t fair or just. Most of the time is just boring. I suppose we would not be having this conversation if I was a freaking millionaire.

Even upper middle class might be something nice to aspire to. I just want to be in a situation where if I want to get something, I do not wait till the weather is more favorable. I suppose some things cannot be helped.

If you did bother to read this collection description, then you are quite the trooper. Most people do not bother to read much of anything. This is part of the problem I am having with my silly book business. This is enough, as far as my ramblings are concerned. Artsy Sister, up, up and away I go.