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About Pastels

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Pastels come in many forms. The world itself means pastel. It was made by grounding pigments up into a paste. The pastels were invented in the 1400s.   The most common manifestation is chalk. This medium is rather powdery, and it is mostly used in sketching and in rough drafts. It was only when Edgar Degas made it popular, that Pastel was seen as its own thing. Degas sold as painting finished pastel paintings. He saw the potential of pastels and he used them to make complete finished products. I have my own set of pastels. I have both the chalks and the pencil pastels. While in school, I also used to use Pastels often when I was in high school. My art teacher had us learn about at history through application.  So, if you wish to learn about art history, it would be nice to try the mediums used by the master. For pastels, I have a lot of different types of sets. Derwent has both chalk pastels and pencil pastels. For pencils, I would recommend the Derwent Pastel pencils. Most art vendors have their own line of pastels. I have plenty of varieties of pastels. I hope you find the one that will help you make a masterpiece.