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About Sketching Pencils

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There is nothing comparable to the quality of a proper sketching pencil. What is proper varies from person to person. Some people like Royal and Langnickel, others have a preference for Derwent. IF you are like me, you like mechanical pencils, there is just something about them that is really useful. Some of my best pencil drawings were made with mechanical pencils. Regardless of what you like, I have a proper pencil collection just for you. Some of these collections of sketching pencils also include larger sets, for schools. Schools art classes usually have sketching as the centerfold of most lectures. It is necessary and proper for building hand to eye coordination. How can you draw from your mind, if you cannot draw what is right in front of you? At least, that is what Ms. Marfisi used to say. This was a long time ago. Regardless, if you are looking for proper sketching pencils, Artsy Sister has found a home for them. I hope they can find a home with you. So, sketch my mates, and make yourself a masterpiece that only your eyes were able to see.