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About Jewelry

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Jewelry is the last thing I wanted to add to my craft section. I have collected both for recreational folks, and those who take it a bit more seriously. Jewelry making is a long standing family tradition. Both my grandpa and my grandma were Jewelers. This was back when that meant something. Their skilled knowledge was lost when the predictable happened in the old country. I will not go into detail. I got interested with the idea of jewelry making when my mother mentioned this story. Even during my time, my grandma used to fix watches for a living, in addition to playing the lottery.

She always guessed the winning numbers in the lottery they used to have in Cuba. She did not do it so often, otherwise they would have figured it out. Now back to jewelry. I tried to collect all the fittings and embellishments for all jewelry projects. Some sets come with everything needed to get started. Hopefully, you will find everything in this section useful. Before you get going on my case, jewelry making technically does fall under the umbrella of craft. Most people today still make jewelry using their hands. Well, let us just move things along, shall we.