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About Me

My name is Teresita Blanco. I am also known as the Artsy Sister. I have published more than 30 books in less than two decades. I can easily brag about being a prolific writer. I started my writer’s journey in Eight Grade. My first works were Poetry books and Short Stories based on interesting dreams. After high school, I went to F.I.U. where I got a Bachelor in Journalism and Communication. Instead of becoming a Journalist, I became a Dolly Blogger, an Artist, an E-commerce Merchant and a Novelist. On the side, I draw comics and children’s Books. The Furies manga began in High School. The manga is episodic and chaotic. I mainly draw it for the fun of it. At its core, it is an action comedy. The Furies don't have an ending. As long as I come up with ideas for the manga, the show will go on. The other active drawing project is my Children’s Book series Scary Cat. I draw all the characters in Kawaii Chibi forms. It is about a kitty cat named Pipa facing all her fears, with the help of her family and friends.

My longest complete series is Saturnastra. It follows the adventures of the last true humans settling in the terraformed planet of Saturnastra. They wear celestial robes that give them the ability to become like the local wildlife. They are going to cast off the rest of their humanity, in order to fit in with the new dominant lifeforms. This truth is being kept a secret by their leader Marduke. The series follows the ups and downs of these misfits trying to find their place, in a world that they are not a part of. The Sacred Mask is my current writing project. The plot is based on a dream I had. In the dream, the host of the mask is going on a quest for bloody revenge. When I awoke, I had the skeleton for a book. The book follows the lives of the members of the Sacred Mask Warrior Guild and their infamous leader The Mad Elf Eric. The fantasy book has romantic and horror elements. As of now, there are three Sacred Mask books. There is a fourth book in the woodworks.

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