About Crayola

Crayola is another really old company. However, people these days do not know its older name. It was formally Binney and Smith Company. It was founded in 1887. It gained its name around 1984. The company is currently owned by a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. Crayola was one of the first art supplies I owned. I used to draw with them with my coloring books. I stopped playing with those books when I started drawing. Still, I relied on those crayons. All Crayola products are nontoxic and are safe for children. Almost all the crayons are made in the US. So, when you buy them you are supporting American workers. The company also makes Silly Putty. All the products are sold in over 100 different countries. Despite selling other products, Crayola is best known for its crayons. They have been trying to sale to the adult market, by raising the quality of their supplies. Still, they are non-toxic so they work well for little kids. I chose to add this brand mostly out of the nostalgic value. Also, it contained the most amount of classroom pack products. So, teachers will be able to supply their classes rather easily, and cheaply.