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Today, I felt like making a new Hollow Knight painting fanart. I chose to do Britto because I like his art style. I think it would combine well with the Hollow Knight Aesthetics. Hollow Knight is a very grey game. I wanted to see how the Grey Mourner Ze’mer and the Traitor’s Child would look like with a bit of color. Both characters within the game have grey colors. Their backstory is pretty depressing. They were lovers that were not allowed to be together. The traitor’s child is eventually killed. Ze’mer is left completely by herself to mourn the loss...

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Today, I wanted to show you two new self-portraits. I was mimicking the painting style of Romero Britto and Pablo Picasso. Both have pretty similar cubism style. Picasso is classical cubism, while Britto is soft Cubism. Picasso likes to have plain backgrounds, while Britto likes colorful backgrounds. Both artists are visually comparable. This is why I chose to make two self-portraits in their styles. The first painting I wanted to talk about is the self-portrait I made Pablo Picasso style. I looked through my closet to find a dress that looked a bit cubist. I also wore a cute yellow...

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Today, I wanted to write a blog about some of the nice décor I saw in the Barcelo Maya Palace. When one talks about a resort, it is important to talk about the ambience. It depends on what you consider important.   As for me, I like to look at random decorations and blog about them. The first thing I wanted to talk about are these cute figurines. They are ceramics that are drawn over. Most of them feature faces of maidens in different outfits.   It has quite the peculiar cartoonish style that is quite charming. In the gift...

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Today, I wanted to show you my latest watercolor projects. I like to post my portraits in pairs. It gives the folks plenty to look at. The first painting is based on an obscure Frida Kahlo painting. Frida’s self-portraits where all about expressing herself. The originally and symbolism behind her work is the main reason why she became famous.   When I was in Primary School, the art teacher gave us this assignment. She told us to mimic the style of a painter. The first painting she had us mimic was a self-portrait done Frida Kahlo style. She gave us...

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Today, I wanted to show you two self-portraits I made over the weekend. In the old days, Self Portraits was a way for artists to promote themselves and their skills. In the spirit of that tradition, I made two self-portraits. The first one I made it Van Gogh style. I have a lot of similarities with Van Gogh. I came from a big family that suddenly felt like giving me the cold shoulder. I have a Theo and a nice mother to boot. My big brother Fernando is my Theo. He has been supporting my writing and my artworks since...

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