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This is about the second blog about Key West. The first one just focused on the Parrot Keys. This one is more about Key West. On the first day, we spent it trying to get to the hotel. The second day when we went home. Before heading back, we explored a bit Key West. It was quite crowded, but the folks were sporting masks. Key West is pretty clean, and there have not been deaths in months. In that place, it almost felt like life had gone back to normal. I wish things were nice again. I have been pondering...

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On Saturday, my family took a mental health day. We could only afford to stay one day in our favorite resort. This time we shared only one room. The room had two beds and a little porch, so it works just as well. The last time I visited the Parrot Keys I was more photography oriented. This time I wanted to take lots of videos. I have been working a little bit more on the Youtube. Once the videos are strung together, they are also going to appear on this blog as well. I am going to post about three...

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Today, I got back from a mini vacation with my family. We went to the Eden Roc in Miami Beach.   With a skeleton staff, it was passable at best. At least the rooms were cheap. We ended up not getting our room cleaned once while we stayed there. The amenities were all fine and dandy. The TV had HBO, and we saw a lot of terrible movies. The only decent movie was The Last Unicorn.  The beds were cruel mistresses. We ended up going home early because of them. When the bedsheets are sturdier than the pillows, then you...

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It has been almost nine years since my family went to the Parrot Keys. We have been roaming about the place waiting for a decent deal. This year they had a special for AAA members. We ended up with a 20 percent discount. The better deal was for a villa that came with two rooms. The only downside was the stairs. Still, we were used to climbing stairs since we used to live in Hialeah. The rooms were large and spacious. The place even came with a little kitchen and a living room. The first floor bathroom had a tub...

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Today, I am feeling a little bit hungry. It seemed like a good a time as any to talk about this food place. I would not mind going there again this weekend. The main issue is that mother is usually the one who drives. I do not want to force her to drive pretty far away. The place is in Islamorada. Last week, we were thinking of were to go. We had two options. We could either go North or South. We decided to go South. It was a good decision. Everyone was like in Miami Beach last week. They...

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