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I had originally intended to put all the red dress photos on the same blog. In the end, I decide to split the thing in two. It works more or less as far as gallery purposes are concerned. I got a new silly doll yesterday. It all depends if the sales goes through or not. I am like super half asleep. I woke up a bit earlier than usual. I was planning to sleep some more, but the lightning bolts where not making it easy. It has been almost two days and the birds have yet to discover the birdseeds....

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This is like the third half of my photoshoot. Since the dress is like red, I tried a bit of photomanipulation. I do not use photoshop with my photos. I just rely on the natural specs of the camera. My computer cannot handle photoshop. My brother’s computer has photoshop. It seems like a bit of a pain to take his work computer for my nonsense. I made an impulse buy today. It made me like super happy about it. The long and short of it is that I do not have the patience for pre-order bjd nonsense. My folks have...

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In this stop motion video, I tried to read some fairy books. I made the little miniatures and everything. The fairies also appear to play pranks on the ball jointed dolls that are trying to read. The fairy pranks range from benign to mean. The mean pranks come whenever the screen turns red and black. It is an effect I like using a lot. The special effects come in the form of rain. I also had the magic bjd doll put up a shield, and also shoot lightning. In the middle of the video, there was a bit of an...

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I was in a bored type of mood and so I made these two drawings. I have been thinking of lowering my production line in Youtube. I have about 300 videos already. There is no need to go crazy uploading every little thing. If I come up with something amusing, I will then make the video. The first drawing video I made features a Jellyfish mermaid. By now, folks will have figured out how I like to do my anime drawings. I am like super good at drawing the torso. For me, the torso is the determining factor. If you...

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I was thinking of what new image to show you. I figured I would post a raw image from my Scary Cat children’s book. This one is from volume 1. It is called Scary Cat and the Search for the Ooohh. Once I finished that last Furies manga, I am going to get started on the third volume of my Scary Cat kids book. It is just so funny the different between Scary Cat and the Furies. It is a night and day type of difference. Then again, the Furies is there to exorcise all my outside influences. I put...

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