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I recently did a little short video about the new dresses of my dolls. I was planning to just feature them in my stop motion videos. It suddenly hit me. It had been like forever since I did a bjd doll photoshoot. With photography, I can get more poses that are impossible for me to manage with stop motion. Photoshoots work just as well as doll videos. Folks seem to like doll photos a lot as well. I took about 50 photos. It was 10 photos per doll. When the new doll arrives, she is going to get her own...

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My doll is holding the first strawberry that has been born in my garden. Well, it is at least the first strawberry that is big enough to warrant being harvested. It looks real nice, and juicy. I recently added strawberries to the garden. It is all a work in progress. A couple of tomatoes also came in. They are looking quite handsome indeed. Still, I am mainly more of a tomato person, than a strawberry person. Still, it is something that we buy every so often. For that reason, I decided to try to grow my own strawberries. Hopefully, I...

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This pet store themed video is based on a terrible visit I had one time to a particular pet store in the US. The prices were too high. Nobody in their right mind should give 1000 bucks for a dog. A horse maybe, but a dog never. In the old country, animals were a lot cheaper. I am talking about good quality animals, like cocker Spanials. Not that it matters much. If folks be willing to pay an arm and a leg for a status symbol, then go ahead. Most folks who I have met that own expensive pets just...

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Today, I went down to Home Depot to get more plants. It is like the only place for miles to get decent plants for your garden. So, for geographical convenience I go there. Also, lately, I have aversion to visiting new places. Enough crazy talk, the entire point of this short rant was to show you the things I bought there. I also did a little bit of window shopping for flowers. I like looking at the flowers, but I am terrible at taking care of them. I have a better hand with the vegetables. Slowly, I am getting better...

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The shortest month of the year has finally arrived. And with it, a lot of cold and wind. Thankfully, it has not gotten too cold in South Florida. The lowest it has been is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A little lower and then it would have snowed. It would have been a fun novelty, but it would have killed my tomato crop, which is showing some actual progress. Speaking of progress, I wanted to show you how it is going. I made a short video about it and everything. I need to organize a little bit better my Youtube collections. I...

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