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I wanted to rant about Colombia, Cartagena. This is the first country that I visited as a tourist.   We went with a big group. It has been a while since I traveled. So, I felt like looking at the old photos.   I might as well rant about what I remember. It all started with a bus ride. After a while, we arrived to the hotel. It was called Caribbean.   The pillows were made of stone. The bed was made of wood. I am just exaggerating a little.   The beds were rather hard. It made it difficult...

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It has been a while since I photographed Bebe.   So, now it is a good a time as any to take a picture of her.   She is a Rosenlied bjd doll. She has quite the lovely little chubby frame.   Her face is also very pretty. The doll is a tad difficult to pose.   Plus, these white shoes fall every so often. Still, I did my best to work around those limitations.   Most of the posing problems arise when I try to have her standing.   Standing poses are hard without a doll frame. I find...

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This is a solo Barbie photoshoot. I like to photograph my red headed Barbie alone.   She is quite the peach. Today, I have her sporting a white wedding dress.   I added a little crown and clear shoes. I didn’t have good white shoes.   So, I went with the transparent look. I think she ended up looking quite nice.   The background required a bit of consideration.   All in all, I think it function well. I didn’t want to overcomplicate myself.   There is nothing I hate more than complications.   This is dolly Monday. It is...

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This is my new LOL Surprise photoshoot. They might become more sparse as time passes.   I am running out of new outfits for the dolls.   After the taxes, I sadly won’t be able to update their wardrobe for a while.   This is more the pity. Alas, this is just what we have to deal with.   I am not going to bore you anymore with my real world problems.   Go DOGO Coins! GO! Now, I am just talking stupid again.   I took standing, sitting and portrait photos of these dolls.   I also posted in...

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I wanted to show you some old Miami beach photos. They were taken in 2013.   It is incredible to think that more than 11 years have passed. I feel old. Sigh…Then again, time is relative.   You are only as old as you feel. Right now, I feel like talking about something else.   No maiden likes to talk about their age. Then again, nobody likes to be reminded of their own mortality.  The buildings remain. However, the beach is not the same. These days you take five steps before falling into a cliff.   The hurricanes took a...

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