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Today seemed like a nice day to make another bjd doll blog. I took a bunch of photos and so I am spacing them out. The new book is progressing rather smoothly. I have about 40,000 words already written into it. When I write, I tend to plan things in my mind.   I visualize the scenes like a movie. I then change things depending on the world’s logic.   I do not have a floor plan. Just a beginning and a long road ahead. The starting point is just about the only thing I choose when writing a silly...

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I made a new bjd doll photoshoot. This one features my BJD Doll Lazuli with some of my other dolls. Lazili is from Dream Valley. He is a fun, fox. I started first with my oldest bjd dolls. I wanted to see how my bjd doll worked in a group setting. It is always fun to try to vary the poses. Other than the dolls, I do not have a lot of props for the photoshoot. Still, I try my best.   As of lately, I have been focusing a lot more on my writing. I am currently working on...

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For my mother’s birthday, she wanted to go see the show Tryst in Faena. We normally go see one show from the theater per year. We got seats as far back as possible. The theater is pretty small. So, a far away seat does not matter much. Our chairs were worth 90 bucks a piece. We got these seats because we wanted to eat as well. On the way to the theater, we saw what had become of Miami Beach. The road to it has become super confusing.   Just getting to Miami Beach was a hassle. The roads twisted...

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Today is like my birthday. My family ordered these cookies for me. They all look very nice, and they are super sweet. Most of them are soft cookies. Others are hard. I prefer soft cookies because of my teeth. I do not want to needlessly wear them down. I want to avoid going to the dentist as much as possible. I wash my teeth every time I eat. There was a time I used to eat popcorn a lot. I stopped because the pieces would get stuck between my teeth. Though, between you and me, I do miss eating popcorn...

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My mom bought me a puppy for my birthday. I named him Ace, like Batman’s dog. He is a Jack Russell Terrier. A friend of my mother had a littler of 5 puppies. By the time I went to pick the dog, they were down to just 2. The other ones had been adopted. The brothers were pretty similar. I took the smallest one. He is a pretty calm puppy. He doesn’t bark, but he does bite. I have his chew toy always nearby. This keeps him from biting my laptop. On the first night, he was able to sleep...

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