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I made new ink art. Both paintings feature sunflowers. They are sunflowers for Valentine’s day.   Sunflowers are the flower of fidelity. So, if you give one to your sweetheart, they are not going to get it.   Most folks do not know the language of flowers. This will be the chance to sound cool. Do not forget.   Sunflowers mean loyalty. Let us move things along, shall we. Both paintings were done with Pixiss ink and paper.   I have made a lot of paintings with those inks. The first artwork was made in round paper. I painted a...

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  I took some new flower photos. There isn’t much to say about them. I only hope that you enjoy them.   I take photos in the local home depot. Other times, I photograph them in my gardens.   There is a nice floral garden in Islamorada. It is found in Theater of the Sea. The place is flooded with orchids.   So, it is good it is good if you want to see something else that are not fishes. I tried to photograph a little bit of everything.   Though, I am quite fond of roses. I have been...

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I did a new flower photoshoot. I like to window shop for flowers. It is always a joy to look at the plants.   The problem is that as soon as I replant them, my new flowers die.   The ones that tend to last longer are the flowers that I planted from seeds.   Gardening has been a bit of a pain as of lately. The weather is just simple awful.   When it is not raining, it is super cold. Winter has officially arrived to Florida.   It hasn’t snowed yet. It might. I am just exaggerating. It...

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It had been a while since I did floral photography. So, I left my house in search of inspiration. There really are not a lot of good places to photograph flowers.   A few days later, my folks visited the local Home Depot. I figured that they had flowers.   So, I went to photograph that. Most of them were slim pickings.   It is the winter season after all. There is not a lot of cute flowers to photograph.   Most of the roses were in their dormant states.   I still did manage to photograph an interesting rosebush...

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I made a new background for Doll Theater. This is just what I call my bjd doll photoshoots. I went for a bit of a vogue type of look. I started by making black lines. I used blue tape to make the perfect black lines. I added a bit of a splash spray effect to give if a more galaxy look. When I felt that there was something missing, I added glitter. In the sides, I made some heart shaped glitter patterns. In the middle, I did my palm prints. After removing the tape, it was time to add the...

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