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I haven’t bothered to write any new blogs for a week. I have been like super busy writing my new book. I think it is going to be a fat type of book. I ordered some doll clothing I am waiting for. It will be here any minute. The summer has made a number on my plants. Almost all the tomato plants have gone the way of the dodo. The Papaya plant is growing nice and big. The sunflowers do not know where to stop. They keep getting taller and taller. I still have some squash plants. They have not...

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The Summer has finally arrived to South Florida. I have gotten into the habit of doing a monthly report on the plants. A good portion have gone the way of the dodo. It is all a learning experience. I am still struggling with the pumpkins. I have managed to get them to bloom. All I need now is to get a single pumpkin to start growing. All I want is at least one pumpkin. If the pumpkin crop turns out to be a failure, I will plant instead bell peppers. I have a lot of bell pepper seeds. I have...

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I have been doing the gardening thing for quite a bit. I have a couple of photos in the storage bind. I then decided to share those photos with you. My flowers have progressed quite a bit. Most of them have gone to way of the dodo. I am down to one rose bush. It is pretty sad. The red rose bush died on me. This is why I ended up replacing the bush with two other flowers.   The weather has been a bit wet. This is useful for my little saplings. The pumpkins are staring to grow like...

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Mother recently got her tax refund. With a small portion of it, we decided to give the front garden a bit of an upgrade. Most of the plants were bug infested or just plain dead. It was time for a change. Anyhow, mom was making most of the decisions of the front garden. I usually mess around the vegetable patch. It is a bit of a chaotic mess, but it produces tomatoes so no one cares. While shopping around a bit, I saw the prettiest rose there ever was. I decided that the garden needed a new rose. One of...

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The shortest month of the year has finally arrived. And with it, a lot of cold and wind. Thankfully, it has not gotten too cold in South Florida. The lowest it has been is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A little lower and then it would have snowed. It would have been a fun novelty, but it would have killed my tomato crop, which is showing some actual progress. Speaking of progress, I wanted to show you how it is going. I made a short video about it and everything. I need to organize a little bit better my Youtube collections. I...

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