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Those who are not familiar with my work might be surprised by this post. Who am I kidding? You folks already know what I am all about. Anyhow, brother person has been taking lowering weight seriously. The dieting not so much. Dieting is hard. This Friday we had pizza. Since he went up three pounds, he took drastic measures. Most folks would throw up, but that is not the healthy way to lose weight quickly. The quickest way to loose weight is to garden. Two hours of shoveling dirt was enough to burn those calories. In order to avoid overheating,...

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Today is a little bit of a slow day around the edges. I have been thinking of writing during the day time. Things get a little gloomy when writing in the middle of the night. I am finally going to start on that side project of mine. It is going to be a vampire book. It might become a series, or a stand alone book. I am not going to have a defined length for the book. I am just going to write on it till I am bored of it. Then I will just make a quick ending and...

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It has been a bit of a while since I made a nice floral painting. I just like trying new things around the edges. The floral itself is simple enough. I googled a bunch of flowers, and then I painted my own versions of them. The first florals I made had green backgrounds. As time went on, I tried other different types of backgrounds. I did golden this time in imitation of those medieval paintings. I just thought it made the florals pop. They are hanging up in a pretty high spot in my room. I have been making the...

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As you may already know, I do a bit of gardening on the side. While tending to my roses, I noticed a new bud. As it grew, the rose bud turned out to be pink. It formed a hybrid of my red rose, and my yellow rose. My yellow rose tends to turn white in her final stage. It is just so fun to see that the animal crossing way of producing hybrids worked in the real world for me. I hope you find these photos I took of my plants quite amusing. Below are some more photos of my...

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Today, I was in a flowery type of mood. Things could be better in my life around the edges. I am praying for someone to get good medical news. I did a Saint Prayer, and a Rosary too. True faith can move mountains, as all. I don’t doubt it. What you believe is none of my business. Other people’s belief should not be big businesses either. It was just like in Medieval Times. You can hurt a person a lot, but you really can’t change the way a person thinks. Belief comes from within, not from without. If it is...

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