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About Calligraphy

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I did not set out to make a calligraphy collection. In the early days of the website, I added all the items of each of the brands. Among the items, there was a lot of calligraphy stuff. Calligraphy is still a big deal. Some people have elevated fancy writing to an artform. It is useful for writing book titles or fancy poetry books.

You can also use calligraphy to make your own codices or Bibles. I am just messing around as all. Calligraphy is more than learning cursive. It is about learning different styles of cursive and knowing when to use them. You can also combine different scripts to form your own unique writing style.

It is both visually appealing and rewarding when you get it right. When I was back in the old country one of the first things I learned how to do was cursive. The photo above shows an example of my cursive. I used it for most of my schooling till I came to the States. The teacher could not read my beautiful cursive.

She made me write with the letters separated. The issue was that I had never done so. After much trial and error, I downgraded my writing style to the junk she was used to. This is just my long winded way of saying that public schools are terrible.

Even the so called Magnet schools suck. I know because the calligraphy fiasco happened in one of those so called Magnet public schools. Those places are magnets, alright. Magnets for fools.

I could go on for ages about my utter disdain for everything having to do with my early and late education, but I do not want to bore you with the details. You are here for calligraphy stuff, and I got plenty of stuff just for you.