About Monster High

I was thinking of adding new dolls to the website. It had been a couple of centuries since I was playing with dolls and the like. I was while playing Animal Crossing, that a visitor suggested Monster High. I looked at the dolls over the top and then decided to bite.

They are well made dolls, with pretty nice themes. Vampires and mummies are always fun. The good thing about the dolls is that most have articulated joints. It makes it easy to put them in human like poses.

Photography is always fun when playing with dolls. It was not so much in my day, because cameras were so expensive. Thank God, for the passage of time. With any luck, things will get a little better. There is one thing that does not go out of style.

That thing is a doll. Having something you can hold, and brush is an indescribable feeling, almost matched by owning a cat or something, or a creepy willow tree. Since cats are messy, and willows take forever to grow, owning a doll is the next best thing.

These dolls were created by Mattel. The company is also responsible for the Barbies. This new line of dolls came about around 2010. As it is tradition with Mattel, the Monster High dolls have their own TV show, and a couple of movies and book.

I am more interested in the dolls. Movies are fun and all, but dolls function better for the imagination. If you want spookier dolls, then Monster High is the doll brand for you. If you want a more traditional type of deal, there is always the good old fashioned Barbie. I have both in the store.